About Me



Hailing from San Bernardino, CA, Cam Gnarly is a multi-faceted artist and the forefront vessel of the Posi movement. The Inland Empire wordsmith is dedicated to providing knowledge for his listeners through his positive & progressive energy, slick bars, and soul-rendering harmonies. With no fear of leveling upward, Gnarly made his debut fueled by self-awareness & reflection through his music. Along with an eclectic ear and anthem-sounding records, touching on mindful elevation, he's showcased creativity, releasing 5 bodies of work since 2014; 


  • Go Pro (2014) - singles: Levitate, Life So Wet RN, Low Pro, Broken Record 
  • The Posi Prevails (2016) - singles: Cabbage, The Juice, Uber 
  • GnarlyOrca EP w/ Noa James (2017) - singles: Manifest, My Folks, Lift Me Up 
  • GNARVANA (2019) - singles: The Nine, Top Notch feat. Aye Brook, Shorty's World 
  • 333HZ (2020) - singles: Signs, Maryjane feat. Airplane James, $hine feat. Waju



This rapper, singer, songwriter has a string of fan-favorite vibey cuts. Gnarly manages to interweave his flows with a detailed push of renewed strength and style. Known for being a very impactful live performer, Cam has become one of the most entertaining musical acts in Southern California with a performance history spanning across many festivals & showcases like SXSW, BrokeLA, DIYfest, PayDayLA, THOPfest & more. With his vibrant song style, melodic rap patterns & diverse content his music is embraced & enjoyed by a multitude of listeners.




  • Apple Music: 33.2K Plays/Streams
  • Spotify: 49.7K Plays/Streams
  • Soundcloud: 78.9K Plays/Streams